Meet Our Volunteers

Chris Leonard

Why did you become a CASA Advocate?

Growing up I was incredibly fortunate to have a supportive and nurturing family. Many children are in special circumstances where they need outside advocates to ensure they too enjoy an environment that is equally supportive and nurturing.

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Diane Bauch

Why did you become a CASA Advocate?

My childhood was idyllic. Not until I was involved as a young woman in a mentoring program did I realize how fortunate I was. It is my way of honoring my parents and paying it forward.

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Jean Beddow

Why did you become a CASA advocate?

I started as a CASA because my political and personal leanings demand I contribute and ‘do something’ to make a difference.

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Darwin Blume

Why did you become a CASA Advocate?

For me, it’s a simple matter of payback: for having had the luxury of a loving, nurturing and safe home environment that I enjoyed so much as a child.

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Austin Eich

Why did you become a CASA Advocate?

I am the primary caregiver for my three daughters — the bond between parent and child is unlike anything else. These parents and children with whom we work experience the same emotions. The children have done nothing to create their current environment; being an advocate means an opportunity to work toward a more desirable environment for all involved.

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Renae Boehmer

Why did you become a CASA Advocate?

I’ve been wanting to be an advocate for children facing adversity and trauma since I first heard about this organization in the 1990’s but had to wait until I could incorporate the commitment into my life. In our messy world, kids do not have much of a voice to express their needs and so it is our privilege and obligation as adults to serve in this capacity. What I didn't know is just how important the personal relationships would become to me.

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