Strategic Plan

Planning for our future

March 13, 2019

Over the past 24 years, the Sioux Falls Area CASA program has strived to serve every abused, neglected, and maltreated child referred to our office. As the number of children experiencing significant trauma and removal from their parents’ care has increased, so have the complexities of each case. This increase in referrals and complexity requires CASA to have more in-depth coverage to best help the children we serve. In the last 24 years, we have served 3,500 children, 1,811 families, and have been aided by 636 volunteers. We are honored to have been a part in serving these children and families. We look forward to implementing our strategic plan in order to continue the highest level of service possible.

Since September 2018, the Sioux Falls Area CASA Program Board and Staff have worked collaboratively to develop a three-year strategic plan. During this process, we reached out to our valued CASA volunteers, staff, and stakeholders. Their feedback has helped to shape this plan. With this plan, we will continue to serve those referred to us while continuing to expand our abilities. At the core of this strategic plan is Sioux Falls Area CASA’s values of integrity, community, training for volunteers, fiscal responsibility and sustainability, and flexibility in assisting those in our service.

Sioux Falls Area CASA welcomes you to join us on our journey of community partnerships and collaboration. We believe community is at the foundation of everything we do, and it is the critical piece of our plan moving forward. Because of this, your philanthropic and volunteer efforts are vital for the success and future of not only Sioux Falls Area CASA, but also the children and families we serve. It is with your help we can serve more of the community as we work to ensure our children are finding permanency and safety as quickly as possible. As we move forward with our three-year strategic plan and with your support, we are excited to build off the work we have done these last 24 years to become an even more effective and positive force within our larger community.

Together in Change,

Stacey Tieszen, Executive Director

To view our current Strategic Plan, click the link below

2019-2021 Strategic Plan