Red Cape Event

2021 Red Cape Week

The 5th Annual Sioux Falls CASA Red Cape Week fundraiser was April 4th - April 10th, 2021!

Get your business, co-workers, family and friends involved to form a “team” and take the challenge by donating to CASA and wearing red capes during this week of awareness.


Donating to Sioux Falls CASA during Red Cape Week is the best way to make a lasting impact on the safety and well-being of abused and neglected children in the Sioux Falls area.

Form a Team

Expand your impact by forming a team to drive donations during Red Cape week. We are targeting the donation levels below from teams participating in the challenge. During Red Cape Week, you and your team will raise money towards the pledge level of your choice. Register your team.

  • The CASA Crusader: $5,000
  • The CASA Defender: $2,500
  • The CASA Sidekick: $250
  • The CASA Hero: any dollar amount

Donate on Your Own

You don’t need to form a team in order to contribute during Red Cape Week and help us continue our mission.

Donate Today

2021 Red Cape Winning Teams

1st Place, Team Bartling raised $10,726
2nd Place
, Team CASA raised $10,661
3rd Place
, Team Nancee raised $7,739

In 2021, YOU helped us raise over $58,558!

In 2021, YOU helped us get one step closer to giving every child we serve a CASA volunteer!

In 2021, YOU were brave as you shared silly pictures of yourself in a Red Cape all over the internet, so one less child would hurt.

In 2021, YOU were Amazing and Heroic.

What will YOU do in 2022?