Red Cape Event

2022 Red Cape Week

Thank you to everyone who helped Sioux Falls CASA reach its 6th Annual Red Cape goal!

We had a few superheroic teams leading the charge donned in Red Capes!

2022 Red Cape Winning Teams

1st Place, Team Sammons Financial

2nd Place, Team Nancee

3rd Place, Team CASA

4th Place, Team Premier Bankcard

5th Place, Team Sanford Health

Honorable Mentions, Team FNB and Team Pambo

In 2022, YOU helped us get one step closer to giving every child we serve a CASA volunteer!

In 2022, YOU were brave as you shared silly pictures of yourself in a Red Cape all over the internet, so one less child would hurt.

In 2022, YOU were Amazing and Heroic.

Stay tuned for what YOU officially helped raise in 2022!